Prices January

(last update 06 January 2018)

Because of variations of the CHF-Euro exchange rate, only CHF prices are valid on our web page. Invoices in Euro are issued only for countries in the Euro zone. The actual exchange rate is:

1 Euro = CHF 1.10

Non-Euro countries will be invoiced in CHF only.


Prices for the commonly purchased products

Modbus driver

CHF 750.--

Euro 682 .--

Modbus driver update

CHF 400.--

Euro 364.--

M-Bus driver

CHF 950.--

Euro 864.--

M-Bus driver update

CHF 450.--

Euro 409.--

IEC 60870-5-104 runtime key

CHF 275.--

Euro 250.--

These prices and the exchange rate are subject to change at any time without notice.