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Thanks for reading our news. On this page we would like to shortly present you the last developments that might be interesting for you.

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 MQTT MQTT is a lightweight, publish-subscribe network protocol that transports messages between two devices. The protocol runs over TCP/IP. It is designed for connections with remote location where a "small code footprint" is required or the network bandwidth is limited.
 NG-DB-Net NG-DB-Net is a Windows service allowing you to exchange data with one or more Saia PCD® controllers and a MySQL database. The supported communication protocols are Ether-S-Bus® or http using CGI requests.
 NG-Alarm The NG-Alarm library allows you to send SMS and emails from Saia PCD® systems. The transmission is done over Internet (TCP/IP, HTTP port). The library is full of useful features, to name a few of them, the PCD checks regularly the reachability of the server as well as the server performs life check of the PCD. The limitation of number of SMS sent per day, in case of unintentional sending. Click on the link to have more information.
 Modbus / NG-Configurator

The Modbus library can now be used with the NG-Configurator and Excel. It is especially useful for big projects. The NG-Configurator allows you to define a long list of sending and receiving transmissions in an Excel file instead of placing Fboxes in a Fupla file. Click on the link to have more information.

 Media Converter / NG-Configurator

The Media Converter library has been developped to assist you with the programming of repetitive processes like copying inputs into registers, refreshing outputs or defining new symbols. The programming of these simple tasks, when it concerns dozens or even hundreds of data, can be laborious with Fupla. The Media Converter library works with NG-Configurator and Microsoft Excel.

 KNX / NG-Configurator

The KNX Configurator library allows the definition of KNX data points to be exchanged with a Saia PCD®. The definition is done in an Excel file which provides a very good overview of your KNX devices. If you want, NG-Configurator can define and publish new symbols so you can use them in Fupla.